Friday, 30 August 2013

Too Quick

Thursday continued the mild but cloudy theme.

We decided on a trip to RSPB Old Moor to see if we could spot any new birds. When we arrive it’s normal for any “star species” to do a disappearing act for the day. We did actually spot a couple of birds we hadn't seen before but these were at the extreme range of our spotting scope well out of the photographic range of our cameras.
I know I should be videoing birds at an RSPB reserve but I couldn't help focusing on a hare. Whilst I was concentrating on the hare a stoat made an appearance, a very brief appearance at that.
The stoat appears in just 3 frames of my video and my camera takes 25 frames per second so this little stoat was in and out of shot in 0.12 seconds. If you haven't spotted it have a look in the top left hand corner of the picture.
With a little bit of cropping and adjusting this is the best picture I can get. It’s the only shot of a stoat I’ve got.

Wonder if I’ll get a picture of a kingfisher one day. We saw two on our visit today but neither wanted to be photographed. Another time perhaps.


  1. There's a spoonbill at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands reserve at the moment, it's wonderful. I left my oldest (a mad birdwatcher at 9) and his brother and my other half in the hide and took the littlest one for a wander. And they had the most wonderful kingfisher sighting! Typical. I know kingfishers are around that hide sometimes (it looks out over a small lake) and I always look, but I've never seen one there. I shall keep looking! Your stoat photo is pretty good, I am very impressed. I don't think I would have captured the kingfisher at all. I have trouble with bees!

    1. There's supposed to be a spoonbill at Old Moor too but we didn't see it.
      But that's typical for us.

  2. It's always special when you spot something new, be it bird or mammal. I think it's a pretty good photo of the stoat to say you wasn't focusing on it, cheeky little thing popping up in your video. How lovely to see the hare too.

    1. It was all luck really as I didn't even see the stoat as I was taking the video. As luck would have it was there as I watched the video on my PC.


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