Friday, 23 August 2013

Back to Dry in Ossett

Thursday was a hot sunny day with plenty of sunshine and the temperature reached a high of 27.8°C. Early evening it clouded over and we had one very heavy shower accompanied by a few claps of thunder. The downpour added another 0.8mm to the monthly total.

Rain is forecast for later today and into Saturday. We've had a dry spell of weather and our annual rainfall is once again below average.

This is my rainfall chart from October 2009 and rather unsurprisingly we've had times above and below average. We can expect around 650mm of rain each year but as things stand at 22 August 2013 we've had 618mm of rainfall in the preceding 12 months or around 95%. Both the garden and allotment are very dry and would welcome some rain. 

On a different topic altogether I had some courgette crumble with Greek yogurt for dessert on Thursday and what’s even more surprising is that it was very nice. It’s not April 1st either! If you want more details or even to try this crumble out check Sue’s blog here for details. It’s just a pity we’ve found this out as lots of more usual crumble  fruits - apples, plums, blackberries and pears - are starting to ripen. 

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