Thursday, 7 December 2017

Storm Caroline

Caroline passed through on Wednesday night and Thursday morning giving us nothing more than a typically windy December night with no particularly strong gusts of wind. However, following a few heavy showers as it got light on Thursday morning the temperature dropped considerably.
Temperature and Rainfall Records 07 December 2017
If the weather models are correct the temperature is going to fall even more over the next couple of days.

You may have watched the video that Sue posted yesterday of the birds devouring the sunflower hearts in our feeder.

Whilst I enjoy watching their antics there is a price to pay in that that the chaff from the seed collects below the feeder and needs to be removed. Watching the goldfinches you can see how they roll a sunflower heart in their beak to remove the seed coat which falls to the ground. I've found the easiest way to collect all the fallen waste is to keep some weed control fabric under the feeder so that the fabric can be used to collect all the waste and disposed of as necessary. 
On Wednesday afternoon I had a tidy up around the base of the feeder. The weed control fabric is held in place with some hefty prunings from our magnolia tree and covered with a few leaves for good measure. Surprisingly storm Caroline didn't blow them away overnight.  


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