Thursday, 14 December 2017

Watercress - A Bit of a Survivor

The first spell of cold winter weather has passed, although technically winter won’t arrive until 21 December, now it’s turned a little bit milder. After a couple of weeks of December the milder days have lost out to the colder days and as a result our average temperature is currently 4.6°C (40.3°F) a bit below our December average which stands at 5.7°C or 42.3°F.
Monthly Temperature Records for December 2017
Our watercress has survived the cold weather of the last few days. I have to admit that when I took these two photos on Monday morning when the temperature was around -3.0°C (27°F) I didn’t hold out much chance of us having any more sprigs in our lunchtime sandwiches.
11 December 2017
11 December 2017
It wasn’t an awful lot warmer on Thursday morning but at least it was above freezing if only by a couple of degrees. However, much to my surprise our watercress had made a remarkable recovery. 
14 December 2017
I might even have to venture out at lunchtime to pick a few sprigs to go with our lunchtime egg sandwiches. I wonder if the freezing temperatures will have affected the flavour?


  1. Really very impressive! By contrast I have been trying to overwinter a few lettuces at home under fleece but have been forced to abandon the projct as the neighbourhood cats have taken to hiding under the fleece - either for warmth or to hide from the birds. I've removed the fleece and the tousled remains of the lettuces. Do you have any water circulation in your pond?

    1. I've never managed to over winter lettuce or salad leaves either. Too wet, too cold something always seemed to finish them off so I've given up trying now. The pond does have a filter system and some fish. When we first installed the pond we didn't have a filter and it developed into a smelly pool of stagnant water.


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