Sunday, 24 December 2017

Home Grown Tomatoes - For Christmas!!

For the last few days the weather's been on the mild side for late December. The temperature hasn't varied much through the night with night time temperatures higher than we were getting in the daytime at the beginning of the week.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 18-24 December 2017
We visited the plot on Friday afternoon to harvest a few vegetables for Christmas dinner. What we didn't expect to find were any edible ripe tomatoes.
22 December 2017 - Tomatoes - "Shirley"
22 December 2017 - Tomatoes - "Golden Crown"
It was a real surprise that the tomatoes hadn't gone soft as the temperature in the greenhouse must have been below freezing. It's certainly a first for us to have home grown tomatoes for Christmas. I'm not too sure how the tomatoes even came to be left on the dead remains of last summer's tomato plants. We haven't had many visits to the plot due to the recent cold weather and I can only assume that the last time we considered picking any tomatoes these ones were still unripe and were left. We tested some of the Golden Crown in a sandwich and they were delicious.


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