Friday, 8 December 2017

It's Here

As forecast the colder weather has arrived as you can see from the temperature chart. The wind chill effect makes it feel even colder.
Temperature, Wind Chill & Rainfall Records 06-08 December 2017
That spell of rain that shows up on the chart around midnight on Thursday fell as snow but by morning there was almost no trace of it left.
I got the impression that it wasn't very warm in our greenhouse this morning as last nights snow had turned into a covering of ice. Hopefully some sunshine will soon thaw it out and warm up the greenhouse a little bit.

The forecast is for snow showers on Saturday and for a more prolonged period of snowfall on Sunday.
We're under that central grey area of predicted snowfall for Sunday morning. That grey area doesn't move much at all through Sunday so we may get a moderate snowfall. The temperature is forecast to be around freezing point all day so the snow might hang around a bit.


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