Friday, 29 December 2017

It's Snowing!

Thursday night into Friday morning was forecast to be the coldest night of the year but it didn’t get all that cold as the temperature fell to -1.9°C or 28.6°F. The coldest night of the year is still -3.2°C (26.2°F) on 11 December 2017. We’ve had some snow too, in fact it’s snowing as I write this post (10:00 Friday) morning but so far it hasn’t amounted to all that much just a light covering.
10:10 Friday morning - light snow falling
First job this morning was to feed the birds. They had obviously been up early in search of food as their footprints were highlighted in the snow.
Our bird bath was iced over and covered with snow but it looked like someone had been trying to get a drink. 
A kettle full of hot water soon had the ice and snow melted.
We’ll now have to wait and see how much snow falls by lunchtime by which time the weather should begin to brighten up a bit.


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