Saturday, 26 March 2016

Teasing Us!

Thursday continued the spell of dull and cloudy weather but Good Friday was the best day of the year so far. The temperature reached 15.3°C in the afternoon. With plenty of sunshine and a gentle breeze it was very pleasant. However, the forecast for the weekend is for unsettled weather with outbreaks of rain which means Good Friday’s weather was only a teaser to let us know how nice it can be in March.
Temperature and Sunshine Records 23-25 March 2016
The good weather on Friday allowed us to make a start on tidying up the plot and get some ground ready for planting our first crops in the next few weeks.
The first task was to get all our grass paths strimmed. At least with that done the plot looks a bit more cared for. I didn’t get all the bed edges trimmed as I forgot to take the edging tool down to the plot. These two beds might need digging over before planting. The top bed will be planted up with our early brassicas which, at the moment, are growing on in modules in the home greenhouse. The bed in the foreground is for our early potatoes.

I also managed to finish cutting down of our large conifer tree.

It’s made a large amount of debris though but much of it will be reused on the plot. It made three large trunks which are a bit like mini telegraph poles with kinks in them. Lots of the smaller side branches will make pea sticks leaving just green leaves to be left to rot down and use as a mulch on the blueberries.


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