Monday, 28 March 2016

Drying Out Well but Not Anymore!

After a superb Good Friday the weather behaved as forecast and the remainder of the holiday turned out to be pretty poor weather wise. Saturday and Sunday both seemed to be days waiting for the rain to arrive. On Saturday it was cloudy all day with rain in the air for most of the day but we didn’t get much heavy rain until around teatime. Sunday was sunnier but a blustery day with the treat of heavy showers through the day but once again they held off until the middle of the afternoon.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 26-28 March 2016
The heaviest of the rain was reserved for the early hours of Easter Monday with 15.4mm (0.61") by mid morning.

The plot had been drying out nicely after a wet start to March but after the last few days it’s probably back to square one and a few days of decent weather are required to dry the ground out ready for digging and planting.


  1. What a good weather notes! Beautiful red flower!

    1. Lots more flowers to come out so expect more photos.


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