Thursday, 24 March 2016

Desirable One Bedroom Properties to Let

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were dull and cloudy continuing the current spell of dry weather. The temperature reached about expected for mid to late March but without the sunshine it didn’t feel very spring like.

At least on Tuesday I got our bird boxes cleaned out and ready for any new occupants this year.
Last year we had a pretty poor occupancy rate for our nest boxes. In total we have 2 sparrow terraces, like the one above, with apartments for 3 pairs of birds in each terrace. Then we have 2 single nest boxes with cameras. One is set up as a robin or possible blackbird box as it has the front removed.
This is our main box with a wired camera but so far over the couple of years we’ve had it it’s had no takers. Last year a couple of great tits deserted the box after a few weeks of spending nights roosting inside.
This was the only nest I found which was either made by a blue tit or great tit which had been built in the far end terrace of one of our sparrow boxes.

Of course, the birds don’t always make use of the properties we make available for them. Last year we had a robin which nested somewhere to the back of our garage possibly making a nest in a camellia bush. A blackbird made a nest up in the courtyard garden in the ivy which grows on the fence.
I’m not sure whether I should have removed this old nest or not. I’ve left it in place incase someone fancies a renovation job. It would be good to get one of our camera boxes occupied this year.


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