Saturday, 5 March 2016

Snow, Rain and a Sparrowhawk

We had a bit of a covering of snow on Friday morning and it kept on falling until the middle of the morning when it turned to rain. Then the rain carried on for the remainder of the day.
It was probably just as well it fell as rain as by the end of the day we’d had 27.6mm (1.09”) moving it into sixth place in my wettest days since 2009 chart.
The rain washed any remnants of the slushy snow by late afternoon. In the first four days of March, we’ve had a total of 40.0mm (1.57”) of rain which is almost as much as we’d expect in the whole of the month. It’s not going to do much to help our allotment dry out ready for spring planting. Here’s hoping the rest of the month will be drier.

We did spot a male sparrowhawk in the garden. It was obviously looking for a meal from amongst the smaller birds on the feeders in our magnolia tree. As far as I could tell it didn’t have any luck. 
It perched in the tree for a few moments with its head hidden behind a branch making getting a decent photo a bit tricky. It didn’t help that I was messing about with my camera trying to set it up to do slow motion video as the sparrowhawk flew in. It did have one quick look down to see what I was doing before it was on its way again looking for lunch.


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