Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Indoor Jobs

We’ve been busy inside over the last few days. We decided on a new carpet for the lounge, dining room and study. Once the carpet had arrived and was ready to be fitted we had the job of moving as much downstairs furniture as we could so the carpet fitter could move in. At first, everything was very ordered but by the time we’d finished moving stuff the whole of the house was in chaos. Computers unplugged and turned off. How would we remember where all those different cables plugged in?
This was my infallible method take some photos and everything would be fine. Turned out it wasn’t that infallible. The carpets are now fitted and the house is gradually returning to normal as stuff’s moved back to where it belongs.

Outside the weather’s not been too bad, in fact, Monday was a lovely sunny day even if it was a little on the cold side. It was lovely to see some sunshine. Our palm tree looked quite tropical in the bright sunshine.
Now if only it would stay dry we might be able to get on with some gardening.


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