Monday, 14 March 2016

Heavy Lifting Day

Sunday was a rather nice March day. Whilst it wasn’t particularly warm, with little or no breeze and some sunshine it felt very pleasant.

Sunday’s jobs were to get some onion sets and shallots into modules to get them off to a good start. Once these are growing well they will be transplanted into the plot. There is no way we could prepare some ground for them on the allotment. It just far too wet and soggy. So they have the luxury of a few weeks in the greenhouse and coldframe before moving down to the plot.
In spring 2014, we added a couple of coldframes and a raised bed in an unused area behind our home greenhouse. This area had become a dumping ground and we thought we could make much better use of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get either the raised bed nor coldframes in the positions we really wanted them in. It was all a bit rushed so that we could make use of them.
Now was a good time to do some moving.
I started by emptying out lots of the soil into plastic bags. Once I’d removed a bit more than half the soil I optimistically decided to see if the raised bed would move. It wouldn’t so I decided the only option was to empty out all the remaining soil. Once this was done it was possible to gradually move the bed into our preferred position by using a pick axe under one edge. After lots of pushing and shoving we eventually moved it into its new location. 
The bed was filled back up with soil and is now ready for its first sowings of the year.

All that remains now is for our two coldframes to be repositioned before we need to start hardening off our plants.


  1. Good to see the onions in, and good job on moving the raised bed. Suddenly it's all go on the garden front.

    1. Some decent dry weather here too. I might have to have a go at cutting the grass!

  2. Finally the planting season ahve started! Good to see many onions! Happy planting vegetables!


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