Saturday, 19 March 2016

Brilliant Then Naff

Thursday was a lovely March day with lots of sunshine, a gentle breeze, and feeling pleasantly mild as the temperature reached 12.9°C (55.2°F). Friday, on the other hand, was dull and cold with the temperature only managing 7.4°C (45.3°F). 
Temperature and Sunshine Records for 17 March to 19 March 2016
As Thursday was such a nice day we set about rearranging our cold frames in the courtyard garden. It didn’t prove to be as tricky as I thought it might be and the frames weren’t too heavy for the two of us to manoeuvre into their new positions. 
It’s certainly given us a little bit more space between the cold frames which we intend to use for pots of herbs. As it was such a lovely afternoon I couldn’t resist any longer and sowed some radishes, spring onions and salad leaves in our newly positioned raised beds.
Friday wasn’t the sort of day to encourage us out into the garden. However, as our early brassica collection of plants arrived, in the lunchtime post, from Marshalls Seeds I thought I’d better get them out of their packaging straight away.
We’ve ordered this collection for a couple of years now and I’ve never really been impressed by the quality of the plants when they arrive. But I’ve found with a bit of tlc the plants pick up to produce excellent plants for transplanting into the allotment in a few weeks time. They will almost certainly produce our first real crop of the new season.
Last Year’s Cauliflower Plants Mayflower on Arrival and after Some tlc.
So this year’s plants are now transplanted into modules and will be left in the greenhouse for a week or so before being moved to the cold frame to be hardened off ready for planting in the plot towards the end of April.


  1. It look like a lot of vegetable planting work is ongoing! Hope to see the harvest soon! ;)

    1. A few salad leaves picked on Sunday.


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