Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Yorkshire Dales

We made the most of the good Bank Holiday weather with a trip into the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
We headed for the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway as it was their Branchline Event weekend. We opted for a trip in the restored vintage carriage set which was used by the Directors of the old Yorkshire and Lancashire Railway to inspect their Railway in comfort.
We found a couple of comfortable chairs and watched the railway go by as we journeyed from Bolton Abbey station to Embsay.
The sheep and lambs in the fields didn't appear to be too put out as the train passed by and these baby lambs were too busy feeding to be bothered.
I just managed to grab this photo through the carriage window of an oystercatcher which was nesting on the top of a pile of gravel or railway ballast right by the railway.

There was the occasional steam train about too.  


  1. I'm left wondering if the oystercatcher can possibly be successful - can't imagine how any potential brood would fare wandering among the trains tracks. - but nature can be surprising.

    1. Only a few very slow trains at the weekend so I think any baby oystercatchers should manage to avoid any nasty accidents.


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