Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Making Space

Disappointingly Saturday afternoon’s fine weather didn’t last for the holiday weekend which turned out to be a cloudy cool affair. On both days we had a little bit of sunshine late into the afternoon. Sunday felt especially chilly and it wasn’t until around 18:00 that the temperature suddenly rose to 16.3°C (61.3°F) and it became the warmest it had been over the two days.
Temperature and Sunshine Saturday 23 - Monday 25 May 2015
On Monday I decided it was time to make some space in the home greenhouse for our main crop tomato plants. These have been growing quickly now and need to be moved into some grow bags before they become pot bound.
This meant that lots of things had to be planted out in the garden or moved into one of our two cold frames. These are now full to bursting.
With just a little bit more sorting out I’ll have space for three growbags of tomatoes in the greenhouse. Somehow I want to incorporate some mini cucumbers in this space too. I’ve still to decide which varieties of tomatoes to plant in our home greenhouse and which will grown in our plot greenhouse.
All I need to do now is find some suitable growbags. I might try a different “variety” this year after problems with my plants for the last couple of years.


  1. Finding good soil is tricky isn't it. I've had lots of problems with it. And there's never quite enough space for everything is there. Do you water your plot tomatoes every day?

    1. You're right it doesn't matter how much space you have you always need a little bit more. The plot tomatoes get watered when we visit - that's not everyday. I suppose they'll go three days especially if the weather is poor. My main problem is getting enough ventilation on warm days when we don't visit. It's never simple is it!


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