Monday, 4 May 2015

May Arrives - But for a Few Hours Only

Sunday morning was wet, very wet, and if you viewed yesterday’s blog you’ll have seen a picture of a very bedraggled Woody sitting on one of his favourite perches. 

By lunchtime the rain had stopped and the sun came out in a clear blue sky. It seemed like May had suddenly arrived as the temperature lifted too. 
Unfortunately this situation didn't last for long before some very dark clouds arrived and gave us some very heavy showers late into the afternoon and evening. By the end of the day we’d had 17.0mm (0.67") of rain making it our wettest day of the year.

I've had a look through my weather station data for April. I’d already posted that April 2015 had been the sunniest of the last five years. It was also a dry month and managed to enter the top ten driest months over the same period.
If like me you’re struggling with tender plants not wanting to grow we had plenty of cooler than average nights in April but they were offset by warmer than average daytime temperatures in the middle of the month with the result that the average monthly temperature was around expected for April.
Finally if you remember last year for the UK was the hottest on record based on Met Office figures. It’s worth noting that each month this year has been cooler than its corresponding month last year. If we’re going to get near that record of 10.95 this year we’re going to need a really good summer. Here’s the table for comparison purposes.
You can find the link to the Met Office values here.


  1. Fantastic photo of that dark stormy sky. We didn't have quite as much rain here I don't think, but it's certainly watered everything nicely. The slugs and snails are very happy as well, I can tell. I'm hoping for some warmer weather now though, while I still have a handful of tomatoes left to tell the tale.

    1. Lots more rain here early Tuesday morning. Already had more rain in May than the whole of April. At least it's warmer. Hope those remaining tomato plants survive the pests and weather.

  2. We've got gale force winds today in the SE and a quick trip to the allotment this morning showed that it is stripping the pollinated flowers from the fruit trees and the leaves and flowers from the autumn sown peas and beans. Some start to May!

    1. After a wet start to Tuesday the wind started to pick up mid morning. We've had a gale force wind and heavy showers this afternoon. Haven't visited the allotment today. More rain and wind forecast for Wednesday.


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