Monday, 11 May 2015

At Least It Stayed Dry

After Friday’s heavy rain it was good that it remained dry over the weekend to help the plot dry out a little. I’m hoping to get a little bit more cultivating done during the week as we now urgently need to get some ground dug over for this year’s sweet pea plants which are patiently waiting in the cold frame to be planted out.
Our early potatoes have pushed their tops through the ground but just in case we have any more cold nights in store I covered them over with some straw.
The straw was originally used for protecting our carrots over winter. I’ll keep using the remaining straw as a way of earthing up the potatoes planted under weed control fabric. By autumn time the straw will have decomposed enough to be dug in to help improve the condition of the soil once the potatoes are harvested .


  1. Hope the potatoes give you good harvest! It's good idea to use straw!

    1. I've found straw is very useful for winter protection and late frost protection in spring.


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