Friday, 29 May 2015

Gales Just Keep On Coming

Thursday turned out to be another windy day. It doesn’t seem to be enough for this May to become the windiest I’ve got on record, which it did a week ago now, but the wind just keeps on blowing. 
A gust in the middle of the afternoon blew over our potted kiwi Issai. It stands in this pot in the same position all through the winter gales but now it’s in leaf it takes much less of a gust to blow it over.
It’s not as though it’s in a small pot. For the time being it’s been moved behind the summerhouse out of the strong westerly winds. It will be replaced into its normal sunnier position once the winds abate. I’m not at all sure when that will be.

Weather forecasting models are known to be fairly unreliable at getting the weather correct for more than a few days in advance. The forecast is for a wet and windy weekend and not all that good for the first few days of June.
This is the GFS forecast for Friday 06 June 2015 showing some much warmer temperatures for most of the UK taken from Of course that’s a whole week away so there’s plenty of time for the forecast to change but just maybe it will be correct.


  1. The wind has been wicked here too. It seems that wind is much more a factor the past few years.

    1. It's been windy since last December here. Hoping for some calmer weather through summer.

  2. you can imagine it`s been bad down south too especially as we live on a bungalow estate close to the coast, I love your temperature graph we are forecast some warmer weather around the time on your graph too

    1. If the models are correct David we look to have some much better weather heading our way from next Thursday. About time too.


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