Monday, 18 May 2015

Poor Weekend Weather

It was a poor weekend weather wise as the strong winds returned on Saturday and abated only slightly on Sunday. It was on the cool side too with only a few sunny spells on Saturday.

More progress was made on sorting out the Cold Frame Courtyard.
Our raised bed now has a veggie mesh covering to protect our precious salad crops from as many pests as possible. Last year lots of our salad leaves had nibbled edges and this year we’re hoping to prevent that.

On Sunday the border next to our new fence was dug so that we can plant a couple of climbing roses to train along the fence.
The ground dug pretty well but it was slow hard work as the soil had been infiltrated by snowberry which had spread its roots, from under an adjoining fence, well and truly into this area. We finished up with a wheelie bin full of root dug out from just this small area.
We’re using weed control fabric to try to prevent any more problems from the snowberry. My plan is to fasten the fabric to the back of some decking boards which will then be fixed to the bottom of our new fence panels. This will all be covered with bark chipping and our roses will be planted in pockets through the fabric.
By the end of Sunday the area was starting to look a bit tidier and looking a bit nearer completion.

Now if only the weather would improve!


  1. Not any better here yet - torrential rain and very gusty again. More like this in following days too, I believe.

    1. Cold and showery here on Monday and still a gusty wind. Looks a bit milder by the end of the week.

  2. Great idea with the weed control fabric. That's a lovely fence, especially with the trellis at the top, it will look really pretty with roses growing over it.

    1. Hoping the weed control fabric works. The height of the panels was a tricky decision but we liked the ratio of trellis height to panel height.


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