Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Not Gardening Weather Is It?

Apart from a decent day on Monday May has got off to a poor start. We had a frost on the first of the month followed by the wettest day of the year on the third and then more rain accompanied by gale force winds on the fifth.
Rainfall 2015
In a calmer spell in the afternoon I did manage a little bit of sorting out in the greenhouse. The remaining trays of sweet peas had their growing tips pinched out to make them bush out and they were moved into the cold frame to harden off.
This tray of mixed cabbage plants was moved into the cold frame as well. The two varieties are 6 plants of Hispi on the left side and 9 plants of a Marshalls trial variety called Serpentine on the right. Hispi should be ready by early summer and I’m hoping the Serpentine which is a savoy type will be ready in the late summer or autumn.

I will be needing some better weather though to get some beds prepared on the plot for planting these cabbages out in a few weeks time.


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