Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rainfall - Do You Get Too Much or Too Little?

Saturday was dull all morning but cleared up in the afternoon finishing off mild and sunny.

Rainfall or lack of it has been making the weather headlines over the last week or so. It seems you either get too much or virtually none at all with parts of the east and southern England already having drought conditions after a dry winter following on from last year’s dry spring and summer.

I noticed that “The View From Bag End” up in West Cumbria is recording the rainfall month by month this year. I suspect that Cumbria is probably one of the wettest areas of the country to garden in. Always up for a comparison I’ve copied the idea and added a table to my blog. Last year we were certainly well short of our expected rainfall but not as dry as the worst affected areas.

With just February’s figures to compare “The View From Bag End” take a comfortable lead in the rainfall table. It might be a little unfair as January was a wet month for us. 

Have you any figures to help compare your rainfall figures wherever you do your gardening?


  1. I don't record rainfall, but it's certainly wet here today, in fact it's turned to snow now, though it's not laying at the moment, thankfully.

  2. Wow I did not realise how little rain we've been having. Here in the south east I can't even remember the last time it rained heavily!

  3. Hi Jo
    Just got some rain here no snow.

    Hi Alan
    It seems days of rain will be needed to make up the for shortfall rather than just the occasional wet day.


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