Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mixed Bag

Wednesday’s weather was pretty mixed. At times we had some nice sunny spells but these quickly gave way to some very unpleasant windy, squally showers. Not that we've had a great deal of rain in the first week of March but our 9.2mm is already more than we had in the whole of March last year which was a miserly 7.2mm. 

You may remember that I wasn’t the most popular gardener in town when I pruned back our overgrown camellia. Well I’m pleased to say I haven’t actually killed the shrub completely but it’s in a sulky mode and has produced all its flowers looking at the fence and garage rather than giving us a show.
I'm hoping it will eventually re-grow and produce a more shoots on the side where it was severely pruned. Pruning it back also made space for more perennials in the back border so it’s not all bad news.

My replacement pond filter arrived. I’m surprised by how small it is compared with the filter system I have at present.

As the filter can be buried almost up to the inlet and outlet pipes it should be possible to make the filter part of the garden landscape as opposed to my old system which was so large that the garden had to be constructed around the pond filter.


  1. I thought it was going to be a nice bright day today but it's looking rather dull at the moment. The camellia is a beauty. I'm glad you didn't kill it, I'm sure it will regrow eventually.

  2. It doesn't seem to know what to do today. I've sown my leeks today about a month earlier than last year!


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