Wednesday, 7 March 2012

More of the Same

Tuesday was another gorgeous day with sunshine all day long. High cloud developed late in the afternoon resulting in some showers late in the evening.

After a winter break from preparing the base for our new summerhouse I thought it was about time I made a little more progress. I’d really like to have most of the work completed this month before the allotment season gets into full swing in April. I’ve had to bring forward my plans for replacing the pond filter though. The winter seems to have taken its toll on my old filter and it has started to leak. Rather strangely water just appears to be seeping through the plastic. 
So I’ll bring forward my plan to replace my old filter system with a new fangled modern design. This will take up far less space which was the aim all along. I did manage to get some paving slabs laid so at least I feel like I'm starting to make progress on the summerhouse base. Up to now its all been demolition but now at last new construction is beginning. 
Not a lot of progress but it going to be slow going. Due to lack of space I have to mix the concrete by hand and in relatively small batches. So it will just have to be a steady plod.

In the morning I’d been in the greenhouse sowing a few seeds when I spotted a tiny snail making its way around an upturned plant pot. I decided to try a bit of close up photography to see if I could get a decent picture.
Besides photographing the snail I did eventually manage to make a start sowing a few seeds which are detailed on each of our March 2012 sowing pages for vegetables and flowers


  1. You'll be all posh with a lovely summerhouse in the garden, it'll be worth all the work once you're both sat out there, g&t in your hand watching the sunset.

  2. Hi Jo

    That's our intention. It seems like we're back to winter today.


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