Friday, 2 March 2012

Basking in Sunshine

Thursday was a superb day. Surprising it didn't produce our highest temperature of the year but it certainly felt like it should have done. It was very pleasant on the plot, warm enough to enjoy a cup of coffee sitting outside in the sunshine without a coat. A first this year.

Other creatures down on the plot were also making the most of the sunshine. Underneath the loganberry ia a discarded piece of old timber and it had turned into a little haven for ladybirds and spiders to sit in the sunshine and soak up the warmth. It was only when I replayed the video at home that I noticed just how many spiders were on the piece of wood. I only really noticed one when shooting the video.


  1. I noticed lots of ladybirds about yesterday, I'm glad I didn't come across so many spiders though.

  2. Lots of lovely Ladybirds there. I have to admit the siders were rather off putting, I don't like tham at all. Was wondering there if spiders would eat Ladybirds or not? Can you let me know. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jo
    In their defence they were only small spiders

    Hi Liz
    There seems to be some doubt as to whether spiders eat ladybirds or not. All our spiders just seemed to be enjoying the sunshine rather than having a meal but who knows what happened when my back was turned!


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