Monday, 5 March 2012

I Might Have Known

Sunday was dull, wet and cold. I should have known that writing a blog post about the lack of rain could only result in one outcome. A wet day. The temperature was a bit of a shock too, as after a mild spell of late, a return to more normal temperatures wasn't a welcome change.

It rained steadily all morning and into the afternoon. It was never very heavy and had produced 6.4mm by the time the rain moved away. 

Late in the afternoon we had a little weak sunshine but it didn’t stop Sunday from been our wettest day since 24th January when we managed 6.6mm of rain.


  1. It's brightened up again today, thank goodness, though it's still rather cold.

  2. did you not get the snow as well? that was the real shocker yesterday! lol

  3. Hi Jo
    Lovely and sunny here today but as you say much cooler.

    Hi Pip
    No we missed any snow - it just rained!


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