Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mild Spell Continues for Our Extra Day

Wednesday continued mild and dull. 

A quick look at my weather station temperature figures shows that February has finished a little below average, the last 2 weeks of mild weather not quite offsetting the 2 very cold weeks at the start of the month. One thing for certain is that for us February has turned out to be a dry month with just 13.2mm of rainfall.

Last summer was very dry and the plot required lots of watering to keep crops growing. In the end some crops like our sweetcorn just didn’t produce due to combination of lack of water and cool summer temperatures. I’m hoping for a little more rainfall through summer this year. I might be regretting that statement by August!


  1. Well it's a gorgeous day today. I've just been out for a long walk and didn't need my coat. I wonder if we're going to get some nice weather early on like we did last year.

  2. A brilliant day here too. I think the good spell started a bit later last year and that March started a bit on the cold side.


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