Monday, 12 March 2012

Frog Spawn Heaven

Sunday was a beautiful spring day with sunshine from dawn until dusk. The wind felt cool in the morning but the afternoon was pleasantly mild.

Our frogs seem determined to produce more frog spawn making up for that gobbled up by our fishes. If all today’s frog spawn turned into frogs we’d be in serious trouble.
There was plenty of croaking going on as the frogs squirmed about amongst their freshly laid spawn. 
They seemed quite up for having their pictures taken

In the afternoon we made a visit to the plot. Amongst other jobs one bed was cultivated ready to be sown with green manure. The bed will eventually be used for winter brassicas which will not be planted up before the mid to late of summer. I’m intending to use Phacelia which is a quick growing hardy annual green manure that is supposed to germinate at low temperatures and grow in most soil types. It can be sown from March until September. 
The soil had dried out nicely and cultivated very easily so all I need to do now is sow the seed and my green manure experiment will be well under way.


  1. My goodness, your frogs are a lot less camera shy than ours - though we too have an impressive lumpy frogspawn pond soup. Best of luck with your green manure. Cat

  2. Hi Cat

    Hope the weather's good at Loch Ness as we're planning a visit to Fort Augustus in the next few weeks.

  3. Great photos. Goodness, what a lot of frog spawn, I don't think you'll need to feed the fish for weeks. I've just left a comment for Sue saying that I had left a comment on her last post which hasn't shown up. The same goes here too. I think Blogger may be having problems again.

  4. The fish just treat the frog spawn as a little extra. They did enough begging this morning to convince me to give them even more food. So far they haven't got to the new frog spawn but I suppose it's only a matter of time.


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