Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A little of everything - well almost

Tuesday gave us a bit of everything, a little bit of sunshine although it was cloudy for most of the day, a few rain showers and in the evening the wind really strengthened. We didn't get any snow though which did arrive on this day last year.

Many of our garden birds have disappeared, apparently they have decided that there are more appetising treats in the countryside than our garden. These fat balls have been out for a couple of weeks and remain almost untouched. 
Our flock of sparrows have remained faithful and still manage to enjoy our half a fat filled coconut along with a good quantity of seed. This one will soon need replacing.
In the last couple of days though a couple of goldfinches have returned to help the sparrows eat the sunflower hearts. Perhaps this is a sign that the autumn hedgerows are beginning to run short of food.


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