Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rhubarb’s up

Wednesday’s weather was typical of the month, some sunny spells, dry but mostly cloudy. It was another mild day but it felt chilly in the strong breeze.

My new rhubarb Stockbridge Arrow planted on the 4th November has already pushed a new shoot through the top of the compost. At least I know that one of the two pieces of root I received is growing. Once the cold weather arrives this shoot might wish it had stayed underground.
I've being tracking the mild November temperatures against the Central England Temperature Record. For us it’s finished in 4th place in this record stretching back 350 years.

I’ve now incorporated all the data for November so this is our final figure for the month. 

The month has continued our spell of dry weather with our total rainfall for the month just 25.8mm set against an average of 63.7mm.

I've updated our annual temperature and rainfall data here.
Our sowing and harvesting records for November have also been updated. 


  1. Just read some of your sowing pages, really good and wow, you grow alot of varieties at times. Really interesting.

  2. Hi Kelli
    I think I've got my computer method sussed now for how to keep things up to date sowing and harvesting wise next year. Of course only time will tell.


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