Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dull, mild and good for digging

Wednesday was another mild day for November with just a little sunshine now and again.

In the afternoon on the plot it was a dull and gloomy day but good for digging over some of the beds which have been cleared over the last few weeks.
During the summer we dug up our old strawberry plants and this left us with three small beds that hadn't been dug for several years. The ground was dry and hard after a very dry spring and summer and it was nigh on impossible to dig over these beds to produce any sort of reasonable tilth for sowing or planting.
This was the first strawberry patch to be cleared at the beginning of August. It's difficult to spot the other two beds as the old strawberry plants finished up over run with weeds. The grass paths had also taken the opportunity to spread a little and take over some of the old beds.
Although we haven't had a great amount of rain it's been enough to soften up the ground and allow us to get on and do some winter digging. The cleared strawberry beds now look in much better shape after being dug over and the grass paths trimmed back. It might be good to plant our early potatoes in these beds next year.


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