Sunday, 20 November 2011

Plum tree sorted

Saturday started off misty and murky but by late morning the mist disappeared and the sun came out leaving us with a lovely afternoon.
On the plot I decided it was about time I got round to sorting out our Marjorie’s Seedling plum tree. Back in the summer under the sheer weight of plums one of its branches broke. The break wasn't all the way through and the plums on the broken branch did go on to ripen. Although its not the right time to be cutting back a plum tree I decided I wanted to tidy the tree up for winter.
This was our tree in the height of summer laden with plums. It looked a little different yesterday before I set to with my saw.
This is how it looked with our old steps still in place trying to support the broken bough.
It looked much better once all the broken branches and twigs had been removed. I'm a little bit concerned about the actual  point where the branch broke. I can’t really see how it can be cut back to give a smooth cut without destroying the whole tree. I might try gunging up the whole area with one of those compounds for protecting cut surfaces of trees. As you can see the actual break point still looks very messy.
As for the cut back branches they’re just a small pile of twigs and branches ready to be burnt to produce some potash which is good to spread back on the plot. Not that these few twigs will produce very much.


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