Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pumpkin pie lifts the gloom

The gloomy weather continued on Monday without the slightest hint of any sunshine. It was dry and a little cooler than the last few days. It’s rather odd that such lousy weather is producing such a mild November. It’s not due to any especially good daytime weather more the fact that overnight temperatures are almost the same as daytime temperatures due to the thick blanket of never ending cloud.

I decided to use one of our Crown Prince squashes to make a pumpkin pie, something we had never made before. There are plenty of recipes on the Internet but many use tinned pumpkin and shop bought pastry. A combination of a BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver recipes gave me enough of an idea what to do.
The Crown Prince had been stored in the greenhouse and was in excellent conditions. The squash was cut up and roasted in the oven. There was plenty of uncooked squash left over which I've frozen to use later. I've no idea if it’s possible to freeze squash but I’ll find out now.
Cutting up the squash is certainly the difficult bit. It was just a matter of blind baking the pastry case, making the filling and cooking for 45 minutes. The end result was certainly different but very tasty. It still seems a little odd using a vegetable - although botanically it is a fruit -even though I know it’s a very sweet one to make a dessert.


  1. Yeah! That looks great. Coincidentally I finished off the Halloween pumpkin yesterday in my first ever pumpkin pie. Got to say it was a roaring success.

  2. Did yours have a lid on Mal? I told Martyn his should really be called a pumpkin (well squash really) tart!

  3. No lid - I followed the Athony Worral Thomson recipe from here, as near as could be managed.


    Hell why don't I post photo now.

    Take your point about pies/tarts but could you live without that alliteration?

  4. Sue/Martyn(Walter?)

    You can see it here:


  5. Followed the same recipe well almost. I roasted the squash already sprinkled with spices. Must say I didn't have any excess moisture when the squash was roasted.

  6. I've been to Jenni's blog this morning so now know where you got the Walter bit from. I'm not sure where Jenni got it from though!

  7. Hi Sue, great idea..ya know that guy Walter..eerr um, Martyn is very clever. I'll not be putting a lid on my pie as tradition here is not to do so for pumpkin pie. Interesting isn't it? :)

  8. I've just popped across to have a look at your pumpkin pie. I've got a couple of pumpkins which never got carved for Halloween which I was going to make soup with but I might have a go at a pumpkin pie, I've never tasted it before.

  9. Well whether it was a pie or tart it tasted lovely DTB - very unexpected!

  10. Hi Jo
    I think I now prefer pumpkin pie to soup. I might have to make some soup just to check it out.

    Hi DTB
    I can't convince Sue a pie doesn't have to have a lid.


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