Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Record

Our decent spell of weather continued on Friday. Not what you would call real summer weather but good for working on the plot.

I’ve certainly completed a first this year in having dug up all my potato crop in August. It’s always been towards the end of September or even the beginning of October by the time they’re usually lifted. This year has been exception. No rain, they haven’t been watered, virtually no tops, no blight, no slug damage yet an excellent crop of potatoes. Gardening always throws up some surprises. So our completed harvest looks like this.

At the moment it looks like our runner beans are going to save the day for stocking up the freezer for winter vegetables. Our peas failed to produce any freezable quantities and our sweet corn is struggling too. We are only picking small quantities of french beans so it’s good news that the runner’s are starting to produce plenty of beans.
Runner Beans - Painted Lady


  1. With this seasons crop in full flood I came across a couple of bags of runners in the bottom of the freezer from last year! Also I opened a jar of beans I pickled as an experiment. They were rather too industrial strength especially when compared to the delicate flavour of the new crop.

    Do you grow equal quantities of each potato variety?

  2. We have experimented with using runner beans to make a piccalilli with which turned out rather good.

    No I don't grow equal varieties of each potato. I'll make some adjustments to my table.


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