Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Early potato harvest

The warm spell of cloudy, muggy and warm weather continued on Tuesday. We managed a little more sunshine today and it felt hot when the sun did come out.

Normally at this time of year our potatoes have lots of healthy green tops and we are waiting for the signs of the dreaded blight to affect the crops. That’s not going to happen this year as the vast majority of our potato foliage has already died back. I lifted part of our crop of Charlotte potatoes and the whole of our crop of Lady Christl. 
These happily have produced reasonable crops much to my surprise given the weak looking tops and the unusually early browning of the haulms. 
Lady Christl


  1. That looks like a pretty good potato harvest! I always plant early potatoes to get them over and done with.

  2. Hi Robin
    I'd like to say I planned it that way but I didn't. It's just happened, probably due to our strange weather this year.


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