Thursday, 11 August 2011

Heavy rain day - but not here

If you check back to Tuesday’s blog Wednesday was forecast as heavy rain. Well I'm aware some places got some heavy rain but as usual it bypassed Ossett. 
It was dull and windy all day. Strangely it seemed damp all day with squally, drizzly rain from early morning making everywhere look wet. It wasn’t until late afternoon that we got any measurable rainfall and then just 0.8mm fell. It certainly wont have watered the allotment.  


  1. Martyn, now your pulling my... glug glug glug...

  2. Hi Mal
    Wish I was. It's raining here now. I was just looking through some figures.
    We've had 6.4mm today to date. We last had more than that on 12th June when we had 8.0mm. Other than that I've to go back to the 4th Feb when we had 11.4mm. Certainly no glug glug .... here.


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