Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Harvesting continues

Tuesday wasn't too bad a day with just a few sunny intervals. We had a little more light rain which fell mostly in the early hours of the morning. It was a dull morning with the sun not making much of an appearance until mid morning. The temperature just made it over the 20°C mark.

The weather is just about right for digging up potatoes. There was plenty of cloud about in the afternoon. I’ve almost finished lifting my potatoes now which is some sort of record for the middle of August. Normally the tops are still growing and I think it’s a shame to lift them whilst there’s a chance the potatoes are still putting on weight.
Nicola are the last of the crop to be lifted. After the potatoes are lifted the soil remains in large clods, which despite some hefty fork work, doesn't want to break up. I’ll have to leave the soil and let the winter rain and frost do the hard work.


  1. Hi Martyn, still can't believe you are short of rain! I'll send you a link to the (Royal Botanic Garden) Edinburgh Weather station statisitic for July. I don't do a weather station because these records are so good.

    Hope it works. To get other months/years you just change 201107 to 201106 or 201009 etc

    hope you can see it!

  2. Hi Mal
    Thanks for the link - it worked fine. What a great source of weather info, I can see why you don't bother with a weather station. The Met Office site aren't that close to us and don't make their weather data accessible as far as I know.

    Flooding in the south of the UK today - we got just 1.2mm.


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