Monday, 22 August 2011

Onion concerns

A second summery day in a row with the temperature approaching the mid twenties and plenty of sunshine.

We suddenly have a concern about our onions. They have produced an excellent crop this year and are drying off well, still left in the ground, and it’s been so dry for months drying them off hasn't been top of our agenda. 

Then we thought what if the forecast for the week is correct this time and we get three days of rain this week it would be such a shame for our onions to get a soaking.

It’s a bit of a problem deciding where to put them to keep dry. The greenhouse is full with tomato plants but we decided some onions could be brought under the cover of the greenhouse and left on the greenhouse path.

The produce of one of our onion beds is now stored in the greenhouse protected from any rain which is forecast for the week. These onions are Hitech, Hyred and Marshalls Fen Early. They weighed in at a healthy 77.0kg. It’s about half our crop! Lots of onion soup this winter. 


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