Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dull and dry

Saturday was a cloudy day with just a few spits and spots of rain.

Our cauliflower plants, Jerome, arrived from Marshalls today. To be honest they aren’t the best mail order plants I've ever received. The seedlings are leggy and I think that they have been kept in their small modules for too long. I’ve potted them up so that they can receive some TLC before planting them out in the plot.
My immediate problems are to keep them slug free and to dig over the bed where they are to be transplanted down on the plot.
I’m still not convinced that the copper impregnated matting is providing a deterrent to slugs and snails. I found this snail tucking into my young Pak Choi seedlings this morning.
This is a selection of the slugs and snails munching their way through my French Bean plants on Friday morning. 
Unfortunately the only thing controlling them at the moment appears to be slug pellets although the two trays with copper tape around the edges do seem to be working at the moment and protecting my young lettuce plants.


  1. Aha, photographic evidence...

    We have had rain in bucketfulls since lunchtime yesterday! I'm off to pellet the brassica patch.

  2. Can't remember what bucketfulls of rain are like


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