Monday, 7 May 2018

This Catching Up Is Hectic

The weekend's weather was lovely for early May and it looks like it's going to continue on through Bank Holiday Monday.
The weather steadily improved through the week. We're playing catch up at both the allotment and in the garden and it's made of what is a busy time of year even more hectic. On the allotment it hasn't meant that we haven't stopped for coffee breaks to sit down have a drink and watch the wildlife.
We can usually guarantee a visit from a robin, blackbird, blue tit or goldfinch during our coffee breaks but on Saturday we had a much rarer visitor.
In fact I think it's the first time we've spotted a squirrel on the plot. Was it lost or did it have ulterior motives? As for what we got done on the plot during the week it's mostly covered in the video below.

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