Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Sense Of Normality Is Returning

After a much delayed start to the gardening year a sense of normality is beginning to return. After a dull morning and early afternoon Friday eventually turned into a very pleasant day.

On the plot our first potatoes are through. Our Casablanca potatoes and trial potatoes were all planted on the 08 April and all are now sending up their first shoots.
Potato - Elfie
I did consider covering the shoots of our trial potatoes which are growing through weed control fabric with some soil or well rotted wood chippings but there's no indication of any very cold nights over the coming week so I think I'll risk leaving them uncovered. Our Casablanca potatoes aren't planted through weed control fabric and will be "earthed up"  as the haulms grow.

The early fruit tree blossom on our plum, greengage and pear trees is now fading and our apple trees are taking over.
Apple Tree - Egremont Russet
Our Egremont Russet apple tree is full of blossom. It's only a small tree and last year the weight of fruit it carried caused it to break away from its support. We didn't get round to fixing a new support over winter but it doesn’t seem to have done any harm to the tree. If all the blossom turns into fruit it's going to have a heavy crop again this year.
Apple Tree - Tickled Pink
Our apple tree Tickled Pink is also coming into flower and certainly has more blossom than last year when we only managed about four apples. Last year was the first time this tree had fruit and the apples were tinged pink all the way through which is unusual. As you can see the flowers are dark pink too. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have a few more Tickled Pink apples to pick this year

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  1. awesome update Martyn thank you for sharing blessing to you and Sue


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