Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Forecast of a Frost!

I've noticed that some pretty cold temperatures are forecast for the next couple of nights.
Weather Forecast from
With such a topsy turvy spring I wouldn't be at all surprised if we get a late frost to add to the mixture.

I'll try to take a few precautions at the allotment if I get a chance. I'll earth up our Casablanca early potatoes again to make sure all the haulms are out of harms way.
Early Potatoes - Casablanca
I did earth up our early potatoes last week but I'll need to do them again to protect any haulms that have emerged since then. I covered our early strawberries Cupid with some fleece as the plants are in flower and they'll be damaged if frosted.
Strawberries - Cupid
I'll have to see what I can do to protect our potatoes growing through weed control fabric as they can't be earthed up.


  1. Nooooooooooh! - but then again the local minimum predictions are 5C tonight, 6 tomorrow and 7 on Friday (and up to 11 on Saturday). If we didn't get a frost in May (and there has not been one yet) it would be an exceptional year.

    1. Down to 5.6°C here by 23:30. Thursday and Friday forecast to be colder!

  2. thank you for the warning Martyn i see how i can cover my strawberries which are in containers blessings to both of you


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