Sunday, 20 May 2018

Rain Required!

We haven't had much rain over the last month and there's no doubt that parts of the allotment are in need of a good drink. 
Temperature & Rainfall Records 20 April - 20 May 2018 (50mm represents an average months rainfall)
I still need to get some beds dug over on the plot but it's becoming more onerous as the beds get drier and drier. I did manage to dig over one bed on Friday afternoon but I had to hand dig half of the bed and then use the cultivator to break down the soil.
It takes much longer and it's much harder work than just being able to run the cultivator through the bed. The remaining beds to be dug over are in a worse state than the one I managed on Friday. 

Below is a photo of one of the beds that still needs to be dug over. It's in the photo above past the wallflowers and looking rather pale.
The cracks are getting wider by the day. Even now they're big enough to loose our car keys down.
It's not that I'm in the habit of putting car keys down cracks in the allotment it's just that I hadn't anything else handy to give a scale to the cracks. There's not any rain in the forecast over the next week so I might have to water this bed before I make any attempt to dig it over.

I've no doubt that once this spell of lovely May weather breaks down we'll finish up longing for some dry sunny weather but at the moment a decent drop of rain would be much appreciated.


  1. Desperately dry here too. Delighted to get a passing shower this morning.

    1. We might get an odd shower through the week if we are lucky.

  2. Lovely update Martyn thank you for sharing have BLESSING OF WEEK


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