Friday, 4 May 2018

It's Not All Down to the Weather

We're now starting what promises to be a spell of warmer and drier weather. We've started playing catch-up at the allotment getting beds dug over. However, not all this year's seed sowing has gone to plan. On the 22 April I sowed a batch of seeds which went into the indoor growlight to germinate. 
List of Sowings on 22 April 2018
Notice the one I've circled in red. Courgettes are the first ones on that list that I would have expected to germinate. Looking back at past years, 4 days inside and maybe 7 days in the greenhouse is their normal germination time. This year's seeds placed under our growlight and 12 days after sowing look like this.
There's nothing to be seen as all the other seeds sown that day have now germinated and some have moved on into the greenhouse. I'm not holding out much hope of those courgette seeds germinating now. I've sown the "Defender" courgette seeds I had left along with a yellow variety "Atena Polka" yesterday (Thursday) and left them in the greenhouse to germinate as the temperatures forecast for over the next week are pretty reasonable. 
I don't know why that first sowing of three seeds didn't or haven't germinated. I can't remember having any problems getting courgettes to germinate in the past. I'm now hoping that at least some of the remaining batch of 15 seeds germinate or I might be having to purchase some more. I can't really blame the weather can I?


  1. Don't blame yourself, blame the supplier - especially if this was a sealed packet within date. I have read that they will replace such items free of charge if you complain.

    I sowed 3 Defender and 3 Yellow courgettes on 9th April. I don't particularly rate the yellow variety as it doesn't like the short Scottish summer, but I depend upon Defender for a regular supply of fruit for the table. Guess what: All three yellows germinated successfully and only one green. Both were open packets left over from last year so I don't have any comeback with the supplier (also Kings). I have since bought a packet of Romanesco green courgettes and sowed 4 on 29th April. They are sitting in the propagator currently. I await further developments.

    1. It was a new packet of seeds from Kings bought this year. Sue is already on their case if this latest batch of seeds don't germinate. Hope the Romanesco go well. We didn't have a brilliant courgette year last year and this year hasn't got off to a brilliant start.

  2. Many thanks for sharing Martyn Blessing to you and Sue


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