Friday, 18 May 2018

Just For Good Measure

Fortunately all our seedlings growing in our home greenhouse and our crops outside at the allotment survived Thursday morning's low temperature of 2.2°C or 36.0°F unscathed. To give them a real test Friday morning has turned out to be equally as cold.
Weather station summary for May 2018
I've had a quick look in the greenhouse this morning and once again our seedlings have come through looking unscathed although I'm not so sure it won't have given them a bit of a setback. The overnight low temperature in the greenhouse was 4.3°C (39.7°F).

One of yesterday afternoon's jobs at the allotment, after an inspection for frost damage, was to start getting some supports in for our Onward peas which are growing quickly.
There's a real mixture of twiggy branches used as supports for the peas. There's elder, hazel and a mixture of fruit bush prunings used. They seem to provide flimsy support compared to using pea and bean netting but surprisingly they usually do a good job. Once they're no longer suitable to use as pea sticks they will be broken up and added to the compost heap.


  1. Awesome update Martyn thank you for sharing and blessings to you both

  2. Surprisingly we have been a few degrees warmer than you at night lately! I think the coastal influence is the reason, that and the shelter in our back garden where the sensors are.

    1. Luckily I think any damage has been minimal. Some cucumber seedlings look decidedly unhappy but I think they will recover. Some potatoes on the plot look frosted even though they were covered which is odd.


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