Monday, 19 February 2018

Serious Pruning!

We've paid a couple of visits to the plot over the last few days. We wanted to get a couple of outstanding tidying up jobs done. One task was to cut back our buddleia bushes and the second one was to cut back a self sown hawthorn tree growing next to the plot greenhouse. The latter was going to be the more difficult job.

First job was the buddleia bushes.
  In full flower summer 2017
It didn't take long to cut the bushes back to almost ground level but like all these types of jobs we're left with an enormous pile of clippings to deal with.
I'll recycle as many of these prunings as possible for pea sticks and the like for use through summer. The remaining odds and ends will go onto the compost heap. There aren't many sections of thick stems so I'm not anticipating much waste material. The main problem may well be that some of the prunings will root and grow when pushed into the ground when used as pea sticks even after they've just been left in a heap for a few months.

The second job of cutting back the hawthorn tree was a much trickier operation. The tree is situated alongside the greenhouse and I didn't want branches falling onto the greenhouse and damaging the glazing.
Ideally we'd have cut back the tree several years ago now but never got round to it. Without its canopy of leaves it doesn't look too large but in full leaf it is quite a specimen. It's loved by the birds so they are going to be disappointed although they don't use it for nesting in. It took some careful cutting back to try to ensure that the branches didn't fall onto the greenhouse.
By the end of the afternoon the job was done without any damage. It's left more large heaps of prunings which will need to be dealt with before the start of the growing season.

These trimmings will be dealt with in the same way as the buddleia ones except with a little bit more care as they are very prickly.
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  1. thank you for your lovely post i must try and do some fruit tree when the rain stops have to read up how to do it thank you for your time in sharing Martin


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