Sunday, 4 February 2018

Frozen Seed Potatoes Maybe?

We had planned a trip to the allotment on Saturday afternoon but the weather was cold, miserable and damp so we decided not to bother. We really could do to harvest a few fresh vegetables though so we might have to wrap up warm and venture down to the plot even if the weather remains cold.

Our trial seed potatoes have been set out in the summerhouse to chit and our main varieties placed in our home greenhouse. Now I'm sure that they will be okay where they are provided we don't get any severe frosts.
I'm keeping a check on the weather forecasts to see if any lowish temperatures are forecast so I can either give them some extra protection where they are or perhaps even move them to a temporary location where I'm sure that they won't get frosted.
7 Day Forecast for Ossett from
The forecast looks particularly cold for next Tuesday night into Wednesday morning with the temperature forecast to fall as low as -4.0°C (24.8°F) so I might have to consider extra fleece or a move out of the greenhouse to somewhere a bit warmer. If the forecast turns out to be accurate it will be our coldest spell this winter.


  1. Yikes! Now I am feeling a bit smug about resisting the urge to buy seed potato yet.

    1. I'm hoping the weather models are a bit over the top with their low temperatures. They often seem to be a little bit extreme forecasting a few days in advance. They now have 3 nights this week down to -4°C so it looks like a cold week coming up. Might be moving our potatoes.

  2. I could never resist the urge to start chitting mine at the end of

    I could never resist the urge to start chitting mine in January but they were always on a bedroom window sill with the amount that you have thats probably not practical. Anyway I dont have a plot now so it doesnt apply

    1. Usually I've kept ours in the garage with last year's stored crop and they've been fine.I'm sure they would love a nice cool bedroom window sill but I think they are out of luck on that.


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