Monday, 12 February 2018

Not My Idea of a Beautiful Day

A couple of BBC weather presenters commented on Sunday night what a beautiful day Sunday had been. In my mind Sunday hadn't been anything at all like a beautiful day as we'd had frequent showers of rain, sleet or snow and a strong to gale force bitingly cold wind. 
Temperature, Wind Chill and Rainfall Records for 11 February 2018
For most of the day the temperature wasn't much above freezing and the wind chill knocked a couple of degrees off that. 

Overnight into Monday morning we've had a dusting of snow.
Monday, 12 February 2018
The forecast doesn't hold out much hope of the temperatures improving very much over the next few days. Tomorrow looks like there might be a bit of snow about.
Precipitation Type Forecast from
Gardening activities continue to be on hold!


  1. Yes while anything loose was rattling around the garden early on Sunday morning I was amazed when the whole forecast passed without a mention of wind!

    1. Saturday and Sunday were very windy here but it hardly got a mention in the forecasts.


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