Thursday, 15 February 2018

More On That Stratospheric Warming.

Wednesday produced another miserable February day. After a very cold frosty start the day really made no effort to warm up. It wasn't a day for gardening. We had some sleety rain in the afternoon for good measure.
Temperature, Windchill & Rainfall Records 12-14 February 2018
It would appear that the forecast stratospheric warming event has starting and is taking place through this week. We will have to wait a while to see what the changes are to our weather. They may be good or may be bad and also depend on your point of view. As a gardener I don't want a very cold spell of weather as I'd appreciate some milder conditions so I can start to sow a few seeds.

I have spotted these 2 explanations of the stratospheric warming event which explain better than I can the process that is occurring and its possible effects.

From The Met Office - Weather Forecast Plus Sudden Stratospheric Warning


  1. Thanks for those links Martyn. The mainstream media are catching up with your early warning!

    1. Don't think the global forecasting systems have the weather sorted out yet. They agree we're going to get a cold easterly breeze beginning the middle of this week - then they can't decide whether it will be bitterly cold or just cold. Me I'm still hoping for a bit of spring like weather to get something done on the allotment.


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