Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Didn't See This Forecast!

Wednesday wasn't much of day to do any gardening. It was cold and dull all day with the afternoon temperature only managing 5.0°C (41.0°F) which is below average for the middle of February. I've now got my new greenhouse thermometer and in the sunless conditions it wasn't much warmer in the greenhouse at 7.3°C (45.1°F) in the middle of the afternoon.
Now, as I remember, the weather forecast on Tuesday went something like - a frosty start into Tuesday night with milder wet and windy weather arriving through the night. - That didn't happen and Wednesday morning produced the coldest temperature of the year falling to -2.9°C (26.8°F) as measured by my weather station. 
In the greenhouse my new thermometer recorded a temperature of -3.2°C (26.2°F) only marginally different from my weather station. I know from past measurements that there's very little difference between outdoor temperatures and those in the greenhouse on very cold nights.
I'll have to have a look in the greenhouse to see if our seed potatoes that are chitting away in there have survived the keen frost.

Our coldest day of winter still remains 11 December 2017 at -3.2°C (26.2°F) and the coldest February temperature I've recorded over the last eight years was on 11 February 2012 at -5.9°C or 21.4°F.


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